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About the Research @SHOU

The university boasts great strength in scientific research.  Since start of the 11th Five-Year Plan, more than 6 achievements have obtained awards for scientific research projects or achievements at national level, more than 63 achievements have won awards at provincial or ministerial level, and over 1530 patents have been granted to the university.  The university has made significant contributions in such fields as environmental protection, species protection, genetic breeding, food processing, exploitation and utilization of marine resources, aquaculture, agricultural economy and management.

The university possesses national and Shanghai municipal superior courses and Shanghai municipal educational high-land; it has key labs of the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Agriculture; it has built up Sino-US Ocean Remote Sensing and Fishery Development Strategy Research Center, Marine Culture and Economy Research Center, and Shanghai Aquatic Life Science and Technology Museum; the university has well-conditioned and advanced multi-media teaching facilities, spacious and bright student dorms, modern scientific research equipment, high-standard sports buildings, and a campus-wide digital network, and has a collection of over 1,450,000volumes in the library.


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