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Sun Chaomin: Culture, life process and application potential of deep-sea difficult-to-culture microorganisms

The release date:2022-06-01view:677Set

Lecturer: Sun Chaomin, Researcher

Lecture time: 14:00-16.30, June 21, 2022

Tencent Meeting (384-967-005)

Expert Profile: Sun Chaomin, PhD graduated from Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2006, worked as a postdoctoral fellow at University of California, Berkeley from 2006 to 2013, and acting as researcher and doctoral supervisor at Institute of Oceanography, Chinese Academy of Sciences since 2014 to date. He has been long engaged in the exploration and utilization of deep-sea microbial resources, broken through the key technical bottleneck for the efficient acquisition of deep-sea microorganisms, established the innovative technology of pure culture of microorganisms driven by specific material metabolism, obtained a number of new species of deep-sea microorganisms, revealed the new mechanism of material metabolism and energy transformation of deep-sea microorganisms from the aspects of element cycle driving and light energy utilization, and explored many active substances with good application potential in the fields of bio-medicine (anti-tumor) and environmental protection (plastic degradation). He has published more than 60 papers in PNAS, ISME J, mBio, mSystems and other well-known journals. He has been awarded the titles of 100 Talents Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Young Expert of Outstanding Youth Fund of Shandong Province and Taishan Scholar of Shandong Province, and Leading Talent of Innovation Enterprises of Qingdao City, etc., and participated in more than 10 research projects of NRF, Ministry of Science and Technology and Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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